St-Pierre vs. Diaz UFC 158: Greatness About to NOT Happen

That’s right. Don’t adjust your computer screen. You read what I just said. Greatness is about to not happen. Huh? What? How could that be? Mix Nitroglycerine with Sodium Carbonate and how could you not have Dynamite?!?

UFC’s 158 promises a battle between two of the pound for pound greatest fighters of MMA History. This is how the world of fighting should be. The two best, stand toe to toe and settle it, once and for all. It is a fight fan’s wildest dream come true. One we almost dare not believe in as we saw it evaporate before our eyes at UFC 137.

Well, I’m here to tell you, dream no more. Lower your expectations now so you aren’t disappointed when those dreams become a reality and like anything else in our corporeal world, it comes crashing to earth and shatters into a million lack luster pieces.

The only thing for certain is that Nick Diaz will show up to fight. I don’t believe he knows any other way. GSP on the other hand, may or may not. And if recent history is any indication, we may be in for a 5 round snoozefest of jabs and footwork, an intermittent leg kick and possibly a round end takedown. It’s a smart and safe bet for GSP and a great way to ensure his place of glory, if that can be said of such performances.

And who’s responsible for this crap? You can’t really blame St-Pierre. I mean, a champion finds a way to win, that’s his job. So who is at fault for this tragedy in the making? I lay the blame squarely on the judges. They’ve set a precedent that rewards conservative, counter striking and defensive tactics. Awarding numerous wins to guys who move backward. This fight will be no different.

But before you go and cancel your PPV order, remember, that I am the worlds all time WORST fight caller. In fact, as we speak, the parallel Universe where all things are possible has aligned itself with our own and is about to put a glitch in the matrix just to make me look like a fool, YET AGAIN! And when it happens, you can thank me for saving this wretched outcome for the Greatest MMA Fight that was not.

UK MMA: Dan Hardy Boxing Combination

The power of the Martial Arts to bring people together, to forge bonds and foster new friendships is nearly unparalleled in my opinion. Next week we will be sharing a proof of concept video demonstrating the use of techniques we’ve shared here on in actual fights. It is our way of showing that actions speak louder than words.

In addition to a ton of support and positive feedback, we’ve also received our fair share of insults and negative comments. For the most part we’ve got pretty thick skins. We rarely give any thought to these types of attacks. Experience has taught us that friends can do you much more good than you can ever harm an enemy. Which is another way of saying, with a limited amount of time on this earth, and a limited energy, you can choose to spend them contributing to the abyss of hatred and negativity, or you can use them to cultivate positive mojo and to add goodness to this world.

Damage Control MMA Member Robert Carlin is a perfect example of the latter. Over the years we’ve forged a friendship and now, we are all reaping the benefits, the positive vibrations and goodness that he and his team at Antonine MMA has decided to share with us. An awesome clip with UFC Veteran Dan Hardy who demonstrates a slick Boxing Combination.

Remember, you can use your powers to make more happiness on this earth, or you can use them to create more despair. Robert has used his to create more happiness and for that I am grateful. Thank you good friend. We wish you and your team, much happiness and many good days.

Live long Damage Controllers and be excellent to one and other.

Lesnar vs. Velasquez, Silva vs. Belfort

As I’ve said before, it takes a lot to get me excited for a fight. Something more than just two athletes willing to throw down in the cage, even if they happen to be “The Best Fighters In the World”. I need more.

I need a back story, I need existential importance. And I’ve found it.

Two fights in the UFC’s future offer this level of intrigue. Lesnar vs. Velasquez and Silva vs. Belfort. In both cases,

the challengers are of particular interest because of the skill sets they bring to the game, but perhaps even more compelling are the questions posed by the reining Champions.

There is a mystique, a mythos if you will, that begins to affix itself to certain fighters, and to champions in particular. An aura that is even larger and more imposing than the man himself. We’ve seen this before, it has happened in other sports with the Chicago Bulls during the Jordan era, or even on the world stage with the Roman Empire.

The mind begins to move away from thinking about how to defeat these formidable tyrants and begins to fixate on whether or not victory is possible at all.

There was a time, a brief moment, where Brock Lesnar and Anderson Silva enjoyed this God like status.

A time where the world wondered, who, if anyone, could possibly stand a chance against these mythological creatures, these Demons who rule the UFC world. But that facade has been shattered like a paper dragon’s glass jaw. Carwin and Sonnen, in their last outings were able to find chinks in the Champions seemingly impenetrable armor, exposing them for what they really are… mere mortals… OR ARE THEY?!?!

Lesnar has been defeated before, as has been Silva. But Lesnar has since avenged his loss in dominant and unquestionable style, showing his ability to adapt, grow and improve. Silva’s losses came primarily toward the beginning of his career, one resulting from a flying scissors heel lock that has to be considered somewhat of an anomaly, minor speed bumps on his ascension to the UFC title belt.

But the recent, near brushes with disaster have cast a new light on these two titans of the MMA world. There are clear signs of wear, wisps of blood in a sea of hungry sharks. It would seem that every man has his kryptonite.

Presently, for Lesnar that kryptonite comes in the form of fast moving, hard hitting strikers with enough gas in their tank to push him beyond his known limits. And

Cain Velasquez fits that bill to a T. It is almost as if fate has fashioned Cain for this very purpose. Like the scene in Kill Bill when Hattori Hanzo says to Uma Thurman, “If on your journey, you should encounter God, God will be cut.”

Silva seems to have trouble with competent strikers, who can impose their will, pressure him and take him to the ground. Belfort possesses many of these skills although his age and spotty record make him a less potent piece of kryptonite. It remains to be seen if such a substance even has an effect on a spider man and yet, Belfort is a formidable threat to any fighter deified by the masses. There was a time when the Ax Murderer was perhaps the most feared fighter in the world. And yet he fell prey to the phenom, a fighter who’s only losses have come at the hands of some of the greatest MMA fighters of all time.

Will the Super Men of the UFC be stripped of their super power status, returned to the earth with the rest of us meager men? Will their super human abilities allow them to adapt and prepare for the instruments of destruction sent to end their dynasties?

Like it or not, these two champions have come down a rung, existing now as Demi-gods, and the irreverent grow impatient and covet their glory.

I can’t wait to see what happens next!