Lesson 18: Scoop and Counter

Here in Phase 2 you are introduced to a second defense against the Teep, the Shelf/Handshake. In addition you are drill countering based on the three variations of Teep Defense (Scoop, Shelf, and Handshake). Remember that creating a safe and friendly training environment and culture, ultimately rests on your shoulders.

We encourage you to weigh the benefits of training with full sweeps and dumps with the costs and develop a training methodology that best fits your situation.

Be sure to share your experiences, add comments or ask questions in the discussion forum.

The Online Classroom

This is an area where we will present a technique and each week, we will discuss considerations, counters, energies and follow ups to the technique presented the week before.

It will become a long chain of techniques that will all flow from one to another and will be a place where you can jump in at any time and follow along with the DamageControlMMA community as we explore a simple, easy to follow progression TOGETHER.

So jump in, ask questions, tell us where you’re having troubles, and where you’re having success!

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