Lesson 10: The Regular Foot Jab (Teep)

The Teep or Foot Jab allows you to maintain distance and is very forgiving when it comes to which techniques it can be used to counter.  The Teep at our gym comes in two basic flavors.  The Short (rear leg) Regular Foot Jab and the Long (lead leg) Regular Foot Jab.  The Long Regular Foot Jab can be executed with a simple step or with a switch in the stance.

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Lesson 3: Basic Footwork

We have a saying at our gym.  When in doubt, circle out.  Which means, if you start to feel like your opponent has the jump on you, or if you get hit, you should be moving your feet, stepping back at first if necessary and then circling out to disengage, and reset once you’ve made enough space between you and your opponent.

The footwork is the most high percentage and safest way to defend against the widest variety of attacks.  This includes, punches, kicks, clinch attempts, takedowns, spinning and jumping techniques.  If you have a proper stance and use your feet, you simply should not be getting hit.  The only reason you get hit is if 1. you stand there with your hands down and let your opponent hit you or 2. you attempt to move forward and hit your opponent and are intercepted on the way in.  That’s it. Those are the only two circumstances under which you can be hit.

If you focus on mobility and keep yourself in a proper stance, you eliminate everyone’s biggest fear when it comes to fighting.  GETTING HIT.  Don’t stand in front of your opponent with you hands down, don’t worry about trying to hit your opponent and they simply will not be able to hit you.  It’s that simple, it’s that easy.

Ask questions, discuss ideas and experiences in the forum here.