Lesson 29: Deconstruction of the Parry

Deconstructing the Parry-HD 720p from Dr. Sick on Vimeo.

We cannot stress this enough. What we present here is by no means the only way to Deconstruct or Counter the given techniques. They are a relatively simple and thus easier to execute sampling. And as stated in the video are just the first strike in what should be a combination follow up.

We chose these techniques because they are high percentage, and simplify the learning and testing process. But as far as sparring and fighting are concerned, what is most important here is the concept. Once you understand that, you can develop whatever Deconstruction or Counter work best for you.

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Lesson 6: The Long Cover

The Long Cover is somewhat of an hybrid of the Cover, the Sliding Forearm Parry and Footwork.  It requires you to remain mobile, keeping your opponent at straight arm punching range.  Allow your opponent to get into bent arm punching range (Hooks, Overhands and Uppercuts) and they will defeat your Long Cover.

Use the Long Cover to assist you in making space, and circling out to reset and eventually counter your opponent as a result of your footwork.

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