Lesson 29: Deconstruction of the Parry

Deconstructing the Parry-HD 720p from Dr. Sick on Vimeo.

We cannot stress this enough. What we present here is by no means the only way to Deconstruct or Counter the given techniques. They are a relatively simple and thus easier to execute sampling. And as stated in the video are just the first strike in what should be a combination follow up.

We chose these techniques because they are high percentage, and simplify the learning and testing process. But as far as sparring and fighting are concerned, what is most important here is the concept. Once you understand that, you can develop whatever Deconstruction or Counter work best for you.

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Lesson 4: 8 Count Cover Set

There are a few situations where you will want or need to use hand defenses to handle an incoming attack.  Keep in mind that footwork will always trump any other type of pure defense.  But there are circumstances, such as limited space (a small ring, or cage, a office cubicle, elevator or living room), or when you are tired or have a leg injury that limits your movement that may call for hand defenses.

As your defensive skills improve you will gain confidence and you will begin to wade into the edges of your opponent’s effective striking range, this is sometimes necessary to draw your opponent out and set him/her up for a counter.

The Cover Set teaches you the basics of Covering Up whatever it is that your opponent is trying to hit.  They all rely on your Boxing Stance as foundation.  If you’re not angled properly, you will be knocked back and will be unable to counter.  If you’re feet are too narrow you will be knocked sideways and again will be unable to counter, in which you would have been better off simply moving your feet and resetting rather than covering up, taking a hit and failing to counter.

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Lesson 3: Basic Footwork

We have a saying at our gym.  When in doubt, circle out.  Which means, if you start to feel like your opponent has the jump on you, or if you get hit, you should be moving your feet, stepping back at first if necessary and then circling out to disengage, and reset once you’ve made enough space between you and your opponent.

The footwork is the most high percentage and safest way to defend against the widest variety of attacks.  This includes, punches, kicks, clinch attempts, takedowns, spinning and jumping techniques.  If you have a proper stance and use your feet, you simply should not be getting hit.  The only reason you get hit is if 1. you stand there with your hands down and let your opponent hit you or 2. you attempt to move forward and hit your opponent and are intercepted on the way in.  That’s it. Those are the only two circumstances under which you can be hit.

If you focus on mobility and keep yourself in a proper stance, you eliminate everyone’s biggest fear when it comes to fighting.  GETTING HIT.  Don’t stand in front of your opponent with you hands down, don’t worry about trying to hit your opponent and they simply will not be able to hit you.  It’s that simple, it’s that easy.

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