Lesson 29: Deconstruction of the Parry

Deconstructing the Parry-HD 720p from Dr. Sick on Vimeo.

We cannot stress this enough. What we present here is by no means the only way to Deconstruct or Counter the given techniques. They are a relatively simple and thus easier to execute sampling. And as stated in the video are just the first strike in what should be a combination follow up.

We chose these techniques because they are high percentage, and simplify the learning and testing process. But as far as sparring and fighting are concerned, what is most important here is the concept. Once you understand that, you can develop whatever Deconstruction or Counter work best for you.

Be sure to share your experiences, add comments or ask questions in the discussion forum.

Lesson 13: 16 Count Footwork and Counter Series

The 16 Count Footwork and Counter Series is the first part of Phase 2 (Counter). Like the defensive series in Phase 1, it is simply a efficient way to install a solid set of tools that will enable you to take advantage of your footwork and distance making abilities.

Different tools work better for different situations. Kicks tend to work better at longer distances against opponents who less aggressive with their pressure and give you time to set up in a stable kick stance. Punches are usually a better option vs opponents who are unrelenting and never give you the time or space to set up in a proper stance.

Learn the 16 Count Footwork and Counter Series and then experiment with your partner to learn which techniques work best in different situations and which technique you prefer on a personal level.

The Count for the Feeder is simple:

  1. Left Jab
  2. Straight Right
  3. Left Jab
  4. Straight Right
  5. Left Jab
  6. Straight Right
  7. Left Jab
  8. Straight Right
  9. Left Jab
  10. Straight Right
  11. Left Jab
  12. Straight Right
  13. Left Jab
  14. Straight Right
  15. Left Jab
  16. Straight Right
  1. Long Regular Foot Jab (Left)
  2. Short Regular Foot Jab(Right)
  3. Left Thai Kick
  4. Right Thai Kick
  5. Left Straight Knee
  6. Right Straight Knee
  7. Step and Slide Right, Straight Left
  8. Step and Slide Left, Straight Right
  9. Step and Slide Right, Overhand Left
  10. Step and Slide Left, Overhand Right
  11. True Right Cross
  12. Step and Slide Left, Bob to the Left, Left Shovel Hook to the Liver
  13. Hop Right, Right Hand
  14. Hop Left, Left Hand
  15. Right Swing Kick
  16. Left Swing Kick

Once you’ve got the 16 Count, Footwork and Counter Series down, experiment with using the same series against a partner who starts with a Straight Right instead of a Left Jab and alternates Right, Left, Right, Left as Opposed to Left, Right, Left, Right, and tell us what you discover in the forum here.