I. The Essential Striking Module

This module is designed to expose you to the basic building blocks used for the Damage Control MMA method of striking. Take your time and be conscious of each technique during your training.

Once you’ve mastered these fundamental techniques, you will have a solid foundation upon which we can build. Upon mastery of the fundamentals, you may want to study our Striking Formula to better understand the rule structure by which we determine which techniques to use at what time and why.

The focus with this Module is to develop your tools. But remember, just because you can forge a quality wrench, doesn’t mean you know how to change the oil. Being able to throw a punch or kick with good technique is only one part of the equation. A very important part, the point from which we start. After all, you may know how to change the oil, but without a wrench or tool box, you’re not going to be changing anything at all.

However, it’s one thing to know how to throw a punch or kick. It’s an entirely different thing to be able to land it on a live, resisting opponent. Later, we will discuss how to change the oil, i.e. apply your punches and kicks and set them up so that you can land them efficiently on those who would oppose you.

A. Stances

1. Boxing Stance
2. Thaiboxing Stance

B. Basic Footwork

C. Basic Punches

1. The Jab
2. The Straight Right
3. The Left Hook

D. Basic Muay Thai Round Kick

E. Kick Defense Basics

F. Punch Defense Series