The Wendover Bendover

Here is a stab at our new t.v. format for Damage Control. Less the techniques… kind of. Forgive me for how lame it turned out. I’ve learned that what is entertaining for me (because I was there and was emotionally involved) isn’t necessarily entertaining for others.

I’m going to attempt a future episode like this but I think I’m going to include a narrative like Anthony Bourdain does on his show “No Reservations”. I also think I’ll break up the overall story line with technique clips etc.

But, if I don’t publish this one, you guys don’t get a new article this week. I’ve been working on this thing since last week. Ug. Sorry guys.

Perhaps I can redeem myself by sharing this little beauty with you. A Spinning Back Elbow Counter to the basic Single Leg Takedown Defense.

A Solid Clinch Game For Takedowns and Submissions

Professional MMA Fighter Nick Diaz waxes philosophical and demonstrates a great supplemental series for Chris Well’s Takedown Trifecta (Knee Tap, Spiral, Body Lock). These along with Billy Robinson’s Grovit, Ajarn Greg Nelson’s Foot Sweep Series and Sensei Paulson’s Grovit Lockflow (to be released later) form a very solid set of options from the standard wrestling tie up.

I have included the other clips here for reference. The techniques by themselves are solid but together they form a really solid game with decent options depending on your opponent’s energy.

Reference Videos:

Body Lock Suplex

Coach Chris Wells completes his takedown Trifecta (aka the Wellian Menage-A-Toire) with the body lock suplex counter to the Judo hip throw (O-Goshi). This is a one of a kind look at a beautiful takedown technician. For more information on seminars and workshops with Pedro Sauer Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and takedown specialist Chris Wells, please contact Mushin Self Defense at

Spiral Takedown

The Head Takedown Instructor and Pedro Sauer BJJ Black Belt, Chris Wells of Unified Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu shares the first of a series of three takedowns which, when used together form the foundation of a very high percentage, low risk takedown game. Coach Brandon Kiser and Khru Brian Yamasaki both credit Chris with being the driving force behind their approach to takedowns.