Tsubo Point Submission Set Ups

Ben “The Blitzkrieg Badger” Jones demonstrates his favorite Tsubo Points for taking the Kimura and Rear Naked Choke, aka Mata Leo.


Welcome. We are MMA coaches Brian Yamasaki and Brandon Kiser.

Throughout our career we’ve trained many students and fighters. We’ve cornered over 100 fights from local amateur MMA events and grappling tournaments, to big professional promotions including Bodog, IFC, and UFC.

We are constantly developing our abilities as MMA coaches, traveling to learn from and bringing into our Utah MMA gym some of the top instructors in the world including:

  • Sensei Erik Paulson – Shooto Champion & CSW founder
  • Ajarn Chai Sirisute – Thai Boxing Association founder
  • Ajarn Greg Nelson – Coached MMA & Muay Thai world champions
  • Coach Billy Robinson – Catch Wrestling legend who trained Sakuraba and other MMA pioneers

Damage Control MMA allows us to share our passion for Mixed Martial Arts with others who enjoy the sport as much as we do.

Through our YouTube MMA Training channel, we’re able to reach about 15,000 subscribers and our videos have received over 5.5 million views.

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Our mission is to bring you cutting edge techniques from the worlds finest instructors. Our goal is to provide you with sound fundamentals while at the same time exposing you to new ideas and concepts off of the beaten path.

You can expect a new post around once a week on both our free blog and our members only section.

Khru Brian Yamasaki

  • Associate Instructor in Thaiboxing under Ajarn Surachai Sirisute
  • Level 3 Coach in Combat Submission Wrestling under Sensei Erik Paulson
  • Level 1 Certification in Catch Wrestling under Coach Billy Robinson

Coach Brandon Kiser

  • Utah State Representative for Combat Submission Wrestling under Sensei Erik Paulson
  • Level 1 Certification in Catch Wrestling under Coach Billy Robinson
  • Utah State MMA champion before retiring from competition to focus on coaching

Brachial Plexus Cutter

CSW Coach Brian Yamasaki shares a Brachial Plexus Cutter Submission from the Cross Overhook in Guard.

Thai Pad Holding Technique, Drills and MMA Considerations

Brian Yamasaki and Brandon Kiser cover the basics of the Muay Thai Round kick. They explain the details of the kick, provide a basic drill and demonstrate an MMA Heel Lock Counter to when the kick is caught.

Filmed on location at the Mushin Self Defense Gym in Bountiful Utah, this is episode 2 of the Taking It To The MMAT TV series aired on Utah’s Comcast On Demand.