Sweep Counter to Guard Pass

Learn how to counter the Guard Pass with Gustavo Rodrigues and see other highlights from this year’s World Conference.

Basic Muay Thai Pad Drill: Shield and Kick Return

This simple drill is designed to develop defensive reactions and coordination that will allow you to see various kicking attacks and apply the appropriate defense while also conditioning you to immediately retaliate with either the left or right Thai Kick.

Taekwondo In MMA

Coach Brandon Kiser shares his methods for incorporating the TKD Turn Back Kick into your MMA Game. This same set up was one that Kiser used en route to his Utah MMA State Title Fight against then undefeated Oliver Bradstreet.

Kyokushin Kicking Drills with Shihan Cameron Quinn

Simple and effective leg conditioning and kicking drills from Kyokushin Karate with Shihan Cameron Quinn.

Brad Pickett’s Peruvian Necktie

Sometimes MMA is a formal affair. Better put on a suit and a Peruvian Necktie. To be honest, the Peruvian Necktie has never been a strong move for me. I think it has to do with my extremely short arms. I’m like Rex in the Toy Story Movies, just look at my little arms. I […]

MMA Footwork For Beginners

One size pretty much fits all when it comes to using footwork as your first line of defense as can be seen in the last portion of the video.

An Arm Bar for Every Occasion

In order to arm bar from the guard, first you need to break your opponent’s posture… unless your name is Erik Paulson. Then you just go ahead and arm bar him regardless of his posture.

Taekwondo for MMA

Brandon Kiser shares a few basic modifications of Taekwondo techniques for the sport of MMA

The Sit Out Drill

Learn the nuts and bolts of the Short Sit Out and a drill to teach you the timing of when and where to use it.

Ben Jones Clinch Work

Ben “The Badger” Jones shares clinch techniques that include, throws, takedowns, knees and follow ups.