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This year at Erik Paulson’s annual Combat Submission Wrestling camp, we were introduced to a new presenter, Phil Norman. Recently Mr. Norman has been making a splash in his area of the world with his students and their accomplishments in the realms of MMA, K-1 and other combat sports.

I’ve always been a fan of the finesse approach to fighting. I.e. learning how to hit while minimizing the damage (potential and actual) that you take in the process. And as common sense as this approach may seem, I am still stunned by how many egotistical cave men there are out there who think it’s somehow “cooler” to take punishment and then retaliate.

You hear it all the time when guys say stuff like, “I like getting hit.” or “I can take a better shot than you can.” Whenever I hear this garbage I always think about what Boxing Coach Marvin Cook once said. “Maybe you can and maybe you can’t but I tell you what, I’ma go ahead and just give that to you because I don’t really know exactly how good a shot I can take. I’ve never taken a really good shot and I don’t ever plan to. It’s just not something I’m that interested in finding out.”

Phil Norman’s Ghost Fighting System seems to fit quite well into this philosophy albeit in its own unorthodox way.

What is most interesting to me about what Mr. Norman Presented to us, was how nicely it seemed to complement and supplement the things we’d already been preaching in our own gym, at and in our own personal approach to fighting.

Reference the Basic Footwork, Basic Punch Defense, and Offensive Angular Footwork series already available in our members section.

In the featured video Mr. Norman described “The Hang” which is significant to us because it fills a niche that lies between two ideas we utilize in our own striking method. Previously, we employed 2 contrasting methods to deal with the energy presented in “The Hang”. One we refer to as the “Half Moon” and can be seen at the 7:04 mark of the Over Commitment (Striking Formula) video, and the other we cover in the Retreating at a 45 video.

When two people draw from the same well source they will often take the same information but then interpret and express it in their own unique ways. And this is a good thing. It’s what fosters creativity and new combinations/iterations of ideas. Something reminiscent of the Muay Thai 4 Count and how it was being expressed with a particular flare on the East Coast as opposed to it’s execution on the West Coast during the beginning of the new Millennium.

In essence the difference is that when presented with aggressive chasing, forward pressure, we would either circle and then cut a latteral/forward 45 degree angle and throw a straight punch on the second beat, or retreat on a 45 and then reset by circling out. Whereas with Ghost System’s Hang, we now have a third option, and that is to retreat on a 45 and throw an arcing punch on the first beat. An excellent supplement to the Striking Formula.

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think of this very intriguing approach to elusive striking.

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