Judo Throws with Adam Blackburn

What’s not to like about Judo. Originally the synthesis of many forms of Jujitsu, Judo has had a lasting impact on the world of Martial Arts. All modern belt ranking systems owe their existence to Judo’s founding father Jigaro Kano.

“The Kimura” as it is widely known now, was named as such, as a result of Judo Master Masahiko Kimura traveling to Brazil to face off with Helio Gracie who named the technique in honor of Master Kimura who dislocated Master Helio’s shoulder with the technique during their challenge match.

In modern times Judo has made a reputation for itself as a leading proponent in the art, and science of throwing. In the video above Sensei Adam Blackburn shares a few variations with us.

Throws a very versatile in that they can be used in Jiu-jitsu Matches, Submission Grappling Matches, MMA competitions and Self Defense. Many think of throws as simple means of getting their opponent to the mat, but to the un-prepared or un-educated in the throw can be the end in and of itself.

Take a look at a few of the case examples below. Then imagine if these techniques had taken place on hard concrete and then ask yourself how effective a Judo throw could be in terms of ending a fight.

So what do you think? Do Judo throws have a place in your MMA, Submission Grappling or Jiu-jitsu game? Leave a comment and let us know whether or not they are a useful tool in your arsenal.

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  1. paul thomas
    paul thomas says:

    Hi Dr Sick , another great video , Judo is one of those great hidden arts that unless you have tried it you wont understand how good and how tough it is , i have been lucky enough to train with some great Judoka over the years and when playing by there rules , ie no strikes etc etc i have ended up on the floor more often than a cleaners mop !! I attended a seminar by the great Neil Adams 8th dan olympic gold medal winner and former world champion , we spent an afternoon on the jujigatame arm bar , you would not belive how many variations and set ups he came up with .
    Cheers Paul.


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