Kyokushin Kicking Drills with Shihan Cameron Quinn

As a sport, Kyokushin is a dynamic and very entertaining style. Below is a small example of a myriad of videos out there with various Kyokushin K.O.s and other highlights.

But you don’t have to be a Kyokushin student to benefit from the tried and tested training methods of these hard and formidable men. Here Shihan Cameron Quinn shares some basic and intermediate drills with us. They are designed to teach you the basic angles, a way to condition and build up a resistance to leg kicks as well as how to time and use counters to these basic kicks.

Whether you are a Kick boxer, an MMA Fighter, a Kyokushin Fighter or a Thai Boxer, these easy to learn drills will help you improve your leg kicking offense and defense. Coincidentally, subscriber and Sanshou Fighter Greg recently submitted his latest match in the forum for discussion and instructor feedback. In it his opponent basically makes the mistake that Shihan Quinn mentions in his video and drops his hands. We’ll let you see for yourself what happens next. Good thing Greg’s opponent didn’t tune in to Damage Control MMA.

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  1. Luka
    Luka says:

    wow, I like these drills n the way Mr Quinn explains them. He also mentions 2 more levels did he show or can you have them in a future blog issue? Also his kicks look pretty solid Brandon. How did he feel to you?

  2. Top Chef
    Top Chef says:

    Whats up Dr. Sick, how have you been?. Another great drill, I believe alot of people sleep on Karate and thats a deadly mistake. Those inside leg kicks are killer, if you can move that leg outside far enough your set up for all kinds of attacking combinations. Once again thanks you guys!.


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