MMA Footwork For Beginners

This week’s blog post is a Damage Control MMA exclusive. That’s right faithful Damage Controllers, no youtube updates this week. Just a sneak peek into what we’ve been working on in the Members Area of our little project as of late. Basic Punch Defenses.

Who knew such a simple, and easy to learn technique could be such an effective and powerful tool. Stepping and Sliding Back, Stepping and Sliding Forward. That’s it! That’s all there is to it. The hard part is actually using it. People will move back but won’t spring into their former position. Or they’ll panic and simply cover up, neglecting to utilize their footwork all together.

One of the most valuable aspects of using footwork as the foundation for all of your defensive skills is that it is very general purpose. The same Step and Slide Back can be used to evade the Jab, the Cross, the Hook, Overhand, Uppercut, Straight Right, Jab Cross Combination, Spinning Backfist, the list goes on. One size pretty much fits all when it comes to using footwork as your first line of defense as can be seen in the last portion of the video.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post and we hope you’ll join us for more in the future.

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  1. Top Chef
    Top Chef says:

    I really dig this tutorial on footwork, coming for a Western Boxing and Muay Thai back ground footwork is very important. Transitioning from a Western boxing stance to a Muay Thai stance is something Im still getting use to,(getting that front leg kicked out from under you will learn ya real quick,lol.) Hopefully you guys can do a Boxing video which shows the creation of, and the use of, angels and lateral movement, opposed to just a linear back and forth confrontational style of fighting.
    Thanks for all the videos and the help you guys provide.

    • Dr Sick
      Dr Sick says:

      Thanks Top Chef. We are really glad you found this video helpful.

      We actually have a number of videos on angular footwork both in it’s offensive and defensive applications. We consider this information “premium” however as we’ve not seen it presented in this format and broken down in the way we’ve done it, so we reserve it for our members only section.

      If you are a member let me know. I’ll send you the links. Or you can short cut by jumping over to the World Conference 2012 Series.

      • Top Chef
        Top Chef says:

        Whats up Dr. Sick?. Am I a member?, and you know this man. I really enjoy the membership good stuff on here. Id really appreciate the link to angular footwork videos. Thanks alot. Also if your ever in California stop by Muay Thai Academy in North Hollywood we would love to have you. I also train at Gokor Chivichyan (when my moneys right, lol). Im sure they would dig it if you came by.
        Im thinking of starting my own blog on Combat nutrition and raw food comsuption. If you ever want to add a nutritional or weight loss or muscle gaining through food video to your sight, we should link up.
        References provided upon request. Thanks Dr.

    • Dr Sick
      Dr Sick says:

      First, thank you so much for your support Top Chef! You should join us in the forums some time. Don’t be a stranger buddy! Thank you so much for the invitations. We would love to feature your instructors on Damage Control MMA if ever we are in your neck of the woods and are allowed to stop by.

      And likewise you are always welcome at the Mushin Self Defense Gym if you are ever in North Salt Lake Utah.

      Here is the link to the footwork you requested. It’s some of my favorite work. Follow it from start to finish and you’ll have a rock solid foundation for angular punching, kicking, takedowns and defense thereof.

      If you get a chance, come join us for the 2013 World Conference so we can go over some of this stuff first hand 🙂

  2. Top Chef
    Top Chef says:

    Hey Dr. thanks again for the link and thanks for the invite we should hang out at least once in this life time. Tell coach Keiser I said whats up!!.


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