For MMA Instructors And Group Leaders

We noticed that a significant number of Damage Control MMA members are gym owners, instructors or group leaders and we’d like to provide more helpful content for them.

Please let us know which of the topics you’d be interested in.  Also feel free to leave a comment below with more details or any ideas that aren’t listed in the poll below.


What content for MMA instructors or "group leaders" interest you?

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7 replies
  1. Naturalbornfighter1
    Naturalbornfighter1 says:

    This is a great idea. I believe any coach or instructor would benefit from this type of section! 🙂

  2. paul thomas
    paul thomas says:

    What a great idea !
    from my own point of view this kind of thing would be a real help , As a part time instructor coming from a traditional background where this a well defined syllabus and progression MMA by its very nature is not so easy , although i have trained in the various core arts that make up the MMA basics ie boxing , muay thai , jujutsu etc i dont have the experience in weaving these into a regular syllabus with progression for all student levels .on a weekly class basis .

    All the best Paul

  3. Jason
    Jason says:

    A course outline or syllabus would be ideal. We dont have an MMA school anywhere close to us so we gather a group and do our thing but sometimes its hit and miss without any clear focus or direction. If we had lesson plans that lead is in a cleap progression we would be much benefited.


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