Lock Flow Set Up For Arm Triangle

As a continuation of the Arm Triangle Series available in our members section, Coach Kiser shares another great set up for his favorite submission.

This time we Coach demonstrates how the Arm Triangle can be used to put a different twist on the end of a very familiar submission combination. The Hip Pop/Sit Up Sweep to Kimura to Guillotine series is a staple of standard Guard playing tactics. But in this series, we share how to use the sweep and Kimura to misdirect your opponent and finish with a secondary sweep or directly with an Arm Triangle.

This is just one of many set ups available in our members area. If you missed it the first time around, you may want to review the various finishes that are available once you employ the set up of your choice and find your self in a position to finalize. We’ve included our overview on this subject in the video below.

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  1. Naturalbornfighter1
    Naturalbornfighter1 says:

    So cool. I love the idea of hooking the legs behind the bum to pull them toward you. I usually just pinch my knees and try to pull them in that way but this looks much easier.
    Pulling on the tricep to lift it over is so simple yet I would keep burning myself out trying together the arm back into position. Another awesome video. Thank you DCMMA!!

  2. Catalin
    Catalin says:

    It is the best thing of the world that you can do, for training people who love MMA … This educational lessons will and are chancing our lives…Catalin 54 years practicing martial arts more than 35 years !


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