Basic Muay Thai Pad Drills: Inside Left Kick Counters

Since one of our very first Striking Instructionals “Jab Counters” we’ve had a lot of positive feedback and requests for more striking oriented videos in that format. Well here we are with another attempt at a video we hope you will enjoy.

The Left Kick Counter is a nice addition to the repertoire of any trainer or pad holder that wants to make his or her rounds more realistic. Incorporating these drills takes your partner from simply thumping pads, to reacting, and thinking. Sometimes they will engage the pads, other times simply defend attacks and other times they will defend and counter. This is the case with the Inside Left Kick Counter Drills.

Don’t forget to pay respects before and after your rounds. And don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know if you liked this series of Pad Drills.

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  1. Justin St.Peter
    Justin St.Peter says:

    Great drill, I use the first two quite often. Hadn’t ever thought about the switch to right hand and riding the kick setting up that left kick. Thanks for the great videos guys.

  2. Fitness Factory (Brad)
    Fitness Factory (Brad) says:

    Hi Damage Control, great vid.

    Realy to the point and well demostrated. 2 Thumbs up!

    Would be great to get notification of new vids, im taking some of my Karate fighters into the mma, arena and we need some other art form insite.



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