The Gi Choke Defense They’ll Never See Coming!

Tired of getting garroted every time you put on a Gi? I know the feeling. For me the Gi is like wrestling with a Tar Baby (does anybody but me even remember that story?) Yeah that’s me, Brer Rabbit hopping down the grappling trail when Wham! All of a sudden you can’t get away from your opponent’s clutches and the next thing you know, you’re being put to sleep with a piece of your own clothing.

I had heard about an interesting and unconventional way to give yourself an extra life if caught in the dreaded collar choke. Kiser had mentioned some strange defense he had encountered while trying to choke our mutual friend, Dan Berry. Being the technique collector that I am, I had to see this unusual move and learn more about it.

I figured I might as well bring you along and let you see it with me for the first time. Have I put it to the test? No, but Kiser said it stopped him from completing his choke and Dan says it’s saved his neck on more than one occasion. So I figure it’s worth a look.

I encourage you, my friends to join me in R&Ding this thing to see if it’s a worth while endeavor. Let us know how it works for you in the comments below.

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  1. paul thomas
    paul thomas says:

    Hey guys thats pretty creative ! i have pretty much the same dental problem as Coach Kiser so will probably give it a miss ! great thinking though .

    Cheers Paul

  2. Jeff B
    Jeff B says:

    In the back mount version of this defense, i’d be really worried about my opponent turning it into a bow and arrow choke, and what that would do to your jaw/teeth. You can get a LOT of torque out of that choke. Very clever though!

  3. Kensei Sato
    Kensei Sato says:

    This works like a charm and I just started Gi a month ago too.
    I’m really discusted by the know it alls this time from the youtube commentes. Because
    1. They havn’t even tried it
    2. They don’t even give it a chance
    3. Before they even think about trying they start thinking of counters and the bad thing that can happen.

    just like you wear a cup you should be wearing your mouth GAURD every time. Also if your teeth starts to hurt just open your mouth. Really how hard is it?? Using your teeth to bite down is just like your third hand pretty much making it become 2 against 3.
    people who also says to use the lapel.. you do know that to use your lapel you have to use your other hand right??…

    like the clip says this is more of a stall.
    I know Sensei Brandon Kiser and Kuhn Kruh Brian Yamasaki and they Sacrafice so much time to post video’s up for free. Dan Berry even took the time to show something probably you guys will never learn from any black belt.

    try it before you talk shit on it.

    • paul thomas
      paul thomas says:

      Kensei Sato
      Well said bro !
      I have only seen the clip at DCMMA not on youtube so didnt see the comments, its just the usual armchair experts ,but how many videos have they put out there ?
      The technique is what it is , another weapon in your arsenal , if its not your first line of defence who cares ? its there for you to pull out when you need it and that one time could be the one that saves you, or even if it acts as a ” travelers rest ” until something else comes along , and we could all use an extra hand at some time right !! .
      All the best Paul


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