Brazilian Two on One Sweep From Guard

This technique is one that I generally don’t like to share publicly. I usually keep it to the students with whom I work with in person, and for the members only area of but I wanted to share it today to give you guys a glimpse into the type of things we will be working on and sharing at the 2012 Damage Control MMA Clinic. This grip is a control position and back up plan for when your opponent attempts to escape the overhook while in your guard.

It falls into a category of techniques we refer to in our members area as a “Staging Site“. A place from which multiple attacks can be launched. This sweep is but one of a series that we will be covering at the seminar. We will also be evaluating and giving advice on how to improve your striking, footwork, takedowns and submissions. What is so exciting about this clinic is that many of the basics are already available to members of our website so you can reference and review them, work on them at the clinic, then after you return home revisit them at any time to refresh your memory and refine your technique to the very finest detail. Additional techniques will be filmed and posted in the members area as well.

The clinic takes place September 22nd and 23rd of 2012 and is open to all skill levels and styles. We welcome the opportunity to meet you all and look forward to working with you, learning together and having a great time. Don’t forget, if you’re a member there is a nice discount on the cost of the seminar which is available from the link here.

We hope you enjoyed this clip and found it useful to your game. If so, please leave a comment letting us know. Stay tuned we have some great things in store. Up next is Khuen Khru Chis Regodon and his Seepa Snap Down!

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  1. Dr Sick
    Dr Sick says:

    Ariel, yes it is possible from an arm drag so long as you can get your rear arm behind the arm you’re dragging. Funny thing is though, you can sometimes just wrap their arm up in the grip. No set up required. We teach it initially fromt he overhook though because it is fundamentally more sound that way.

  2. Sterling
    Sterling says:

    Hi Dr Sick. I love this sweep and the variations. I have a question about taking side control after the sweep.

    It looks like your body ends up a bit away from your opponent after the sweep. I was curious if that space gives the opponent time to scramble and pull guard or something? Or do you just drive forward as soon as sweep is complete?

    Thanks for sharing another great technique, Khru Brian. I’m excited to try this one out.

  3. Dr Sick
    Dr Sick says:

    Sterling, you do tend to be a little further away and as a result, your opponent re-capturing guard or getting to his knees is always a consideration. But you do still have control of his arm and it’s also relatively easy to clock up to 69 position to prevent being caught in guard.

  4. KJ
    KJ says:

    Just wanted to add, the grip is the same one Billy Robinson teaches against a standing opponent who is trying to get out of a standing straight armlock, only Robinson then turns it into a trapped arm suplex.

    Very similar mechanics, applied on the ground in your case and on the feet in Robinson’s case.


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