MMA Training: Guard Pass to Leg Lock

There are a few reoccurring themes here at Damage Control MMA. One of which is the always controversial naming/renaming of techniques. So when Dave Johnson paired the naming of a technique with the assertion that he had invented invented it, we knew we were playing with fire.

This comes through as Kiser and I give our friend Dave a little ribbing as I had seen the technique long before in the Catch As Catch Can circles. But as I edited the footage and had a chance to see the move a few more times, I thought to myself, perhaps it is, ever so subtly a little different than what I had seen before. Then again, maybe not.

Either way, it’s always fun to give your friends a hard time, all in good fun. So weigh in, share your thoughts, have you seen this move before? Did Dave Johnson in fact give birth to a brand new technique. I’m hoping our Catch Wrestling friends out there will give us their thoughts on the subject.

Just remember, Dave is our friend. He took time out of his day to share something that he though was pretty special, and whether he invented it or not, it is nevertheless, an effective and very useful technique. So keep your comments respectful, but feel free to give him an ear full if you think he needs to be kept honest.

7 responses to “MMA Training: Guard Pass to Leg Lock”

  1. Paul t says:

    Hi ,
    i have seen the lock or something very similar in my Hontai Takagi Yoshin Ryu days but not with the guard pass ,any which way its a sweet technique and a nice one to have in your arsenal so thanks for it and respect to anyone who puts there techniques out there for us .
    cheers paul

    • Paul t says:

       @Paul t 
      Dr sick ,
      i was watching the clip at work so had sound turned down !! thanks for the mention it means a lot .
      all the best paul.

  2. KJ Gould says:

    It’s a Stepover Toe Hold, aka a Cross-over Toe Hold. Earliest mention of it (with photograph) I have found is in the book “Scientific Methods of Wrestling” by Paul Prehn, circa 1925, on page 125. It’s been in Pro Wrestling for decades. Check out this Lou Thesz vs Vic Christy match, from 3 minutes 25 seconds in.

  3. Magnifico says:



  4. Dr Sick says:

    I knew the Catch Community would keep him honest on this one.  🙂  Nice examples guys and way to keep it classy, fun, and educational.  I’ve learned from the clips you’ve shared here.  Damage Controllers are the best!

  5. ella119 says:

    Great examples guys and way to keep it classy, fun, and educational. Thanks for pinning.

  6. Joe Martinez says:

    This is an great move and very brutal (which I like) One of the other coaches liked it but did not want me to use it even as a walk through because when I was showing one of our guys how to do it, (just walking thru it) the person I was using tried to resist it (even though I told him several times not to) and the guy tweeked his knee. Nothing serious just enough to get his attention. We have implemented as a cool guard pass that we practice but won’t go 100% for safety reasons. Great stuff on this site. Worth every penny.

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