Catch Wrestling: Escaping Defense Position

Yes I know, I know… Where are all the cool and vicious Catch Wrestling submissions, Double Wrist Locks, Neck Cranks, Shin Locks etc? Well, they’re there in Catch As Catch Can. We’ve featured them before, but to be honest, I like these escape type techniques every bit as much and think that they’re a lot less frequently seen by the general public.

Do a search for a Kimura, and you’re bound to see pages upon pages of videos. Do a search on the other hand for techniques for escaping Quarter Position or High Defense Position and you’re likely to find a far fewer selections.

Why is this so important in MMA, having the ability to stand back up off the ground? Well if you’re a striker or simply enjoy an advantage in striking ability over your opponent, this can be a game changer. Or maybe you just want one more option than simply rolling over and working for Guard.

Being able to stand back up from a position such as the High Defense Position/Referees Position is like having a reset button. Whatever was happening (probably not so favorable for you) in that position gets nullified and you get a clean slate, a fresh start to improve your situation.

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    • Dr Sick
      Dr Sick says:

       @KJ Gould Yeah I’d agree.  Sometimes I take liberties when we do these projects and I ask the instructors for things that I’m interested in instead of what most people like to see.  This and the long sit out were along those lines.  Can’t say I’ve used the Long Sit Out much but since filming this clip our whole gym has been fighting up to their feet a lot more than we used to.

  1. Paul t
    Paul t says:

    Hi guys .
    Thanks for another great video , its true what they say , ” the devil is in the detail ”
    cheers paul


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