MMA Techniques: Triangle Choke Theory and Application

In this blast from the past, we feature a few selected clips from the original “Anatomy Of A Triangle Choke” series. We shot this while the project was still known as Taking It To The MMAT. It was a small segment of what was primarily a Cable, On Demand Television program at the time.

The full “Anatomy Of A Triangle Choke” video is available in the Members Only Area and was one of the very first “Bonus Features”. It features the full length interview with Dr. Mark Cacciamani, all the variants of what we call the Typical Triangle, as well as explains how to use the theory and concepts presented to establish a solid, last line of defense should you ever get caught in a Triangle.

We are releasing some of the material to the public now because will soon be re-visiting this series and re-shooting updated material. We will be breaking the various techniques into their own separate videos, we will also be including dynamic as well as traditional set ups, A-Typical Triangles, Triangle Submission Staging Site, and Triangle Counters. All this will be available to our members so pick up a membership today.

Now Lock On and Happy Hunting!!!

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  1. Paul t
    Paul t says:

    Hi guys .
    thanks for another great clip , i think above the actual technique its also a good reminder to stick with it , its all too easy to give up on a  move because it does not just fall into place  or kidd yourself with the old ” my legs are too short or im not flexible enough ” kind of excuses ! think outside the box and look for another route to the same place .
    all the best paul.

  2. naturalbornfighter1
    naturalbornfighter1 says:

    Amazing news, Im so happy you’re revisiting these, the ‘Anatomy of’ series remains one of my favourite series. It is different from any other site on the web.  


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