MMA – Catch Wrestling Technique: The Gotch Toe Hold

I’ve been saving this little beauty for a rainy day. And seeing as how it’s been a little quiet around the vlog as of late, I thought, it’s a perfect time to unleash some more pain. I mean, sharing is caring right?

Ever since I first read about the Gotch Toe Hold, I’ve been interested in learning more about it. Well at this year’s first quarter Certified Catch Wrestling Audit, we had a chance to do just that. After being teased with a first glance look at the technique during our shoot for the “Say Uncle” Catch as Catch Can book (pages 198 and 199 cover the technique in pictorials), I wanted to get some more hands on time with it with one of the last surviving practitioners of Catch, Coach Billy Robinson.

He shared his thoughts on a few variations and follow ups and then signed my copy of the book.

If you’re interested in picking up a copy, it would help Coach Kiser and I out as well as Scientific Wrestling (the guys responsible for putting together the Audits and the book) if you could use the link below and purchase your copy from

Jake Paul and Coach Kiser demonstrating the basic CACC Ready Stance.

Jake Paul and Coach Kiser demonstrating the basic CACC Ready Stance.

On a somewhat related note, it’s so interesting to learn more about the various arts and their general approaches to fighting. I remember during the shoot for the “Say Uncle” book it was at a seminar in 2010, and I remember speaking with Coach Robinson about the basic Catch Fighting Stance. I remember how it appealed to me as it shared a number of philosophies and similarities to the Thai Clinch Method and the Judo Stance, both of which I am more familiar with.

In essence, the Catch Ready Stance is more upright than it’s amateur wrestling cousin. And favoring more of a Grecco and Judo style throwing for it’s takedowns vs the shooting and leg hunting method of the amateur style, I asked Coach Robinson why that came to be. His answer was simple. “Because you would never want to offer your neck to your opponent like that.”

Notice the difference in posture with the Amateur Wrestling version of the ready stance

Seeing how Catch not only employs and allows Guillotine type chokes but also potentially lethal neck cranks such as the Grovit, I took his words to heart. In fact I could hear them ringing in my ears this last weekend as I watched two of my own fighters get caught and choked with Guillotines as they shot in for doubles and singles. I suppose some lessons are hard learned.

Our student Dan Berry delivers his second Suplex shortly before getting caught in an Arm In Guillotine

At any rate, train well and Happy Hunting.

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  1. SterlingOkura
    SterlingOkura says:

    Love these Catch techniques. brian takeo yamasaki , that looked absolutely brutal! I will happily buy and read that book from the comfort of my sofa. I appreciate that I can learn without sacrificing my ankles and shins like you kindly did for this video.

  2. J Michael Grooms
    J Michael Grooms says:

    I love shin locks… that red shirt guy at the end is my coach. We totally just went over the gotch to hold a few weeks back.

  3. Damage Control MMA
    Damage Control MMA says:

    J Michael Grooms you’re kidding me right? What a freaky coincidence. I just looked for pictures of someone in a freestyle stance and found that one.

  4. Joanna Wilson
    Joanna Wilson says:

    The techniques is great…But,I don’t watched it because it’s kinda scary.I don’t know how they do it.Anyway,it’s a nice post.

  5. naturalbornfighter1
    naturalbornfighter1 says:

    I love Coach Billy Robinson, What an absolute machine he must have been back in the day. Im amazed that he is able to sit there and watch yet fully understand everything that is going on with such clarity then explain how to improve it on so many levels. What an incredible resource he is. Magnificent!!!


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