The Frontiers of Submission – Redux!

It’s been a while since I’ve had the time to just surf, dig, dig, and dig some more until I unearthed some burried gems. New artifacts (oxymoron alert!) for the Frontiers of Submission. If you read our earlier post on the subject you know that I enjoy seeing new ideas (perhaps not new to the world, but at least new to my eyes).

There was a dry spell there for a moment. Finding new, interesting and or useful material on the internet had become exceedingly difficult. Then things got busy and I simply didn’t have the time to sift through the muck to find a few viable possibilities. That is until now. As of late, I’ve found a few new ideas that are pretty interesting.

First up is this awesome Butterfly Guard Counter from A Guard Pass and Quick Kill all rolled up into one. What’s not to like? And anything that has anything to do with a Chicken Wing/Kimura/Double Wristlock is good fare for my tastes.

Next up are a couple of really nifty little wrist locks from I use that little Bicep Control Wrist Lock for quite some time now but that little hip shift detail has made it even more successful and efficient for me.

Below is some old school footage of Russian Wrestling. New? I think the video speaks for itself but I’ve never seen it, so it’s new to me, and I love it. If nothing other than for the pure eye candy of it. But there are plenty of great pointers you can pick up from checking this series out. I mean, it’s part 12 guys. There is a whole series, which could arguably keep us all busy for a friggin lifetime of study.

Barnett, Footlocks, NUFF SAID!

And I’ve saved desert for last. So much goodness to be said about this last clip. If it wasn’t awesome enough to have a Bravo clip sitting right next to a Barnett clip (If you aren’t privy to the keyboard war between the two concerning 10th planet JJ and Catch as Catch Can, you’re going to have to look it up on the MMA Underground yourself because I’m not going to go into here).

And as if that weren’t enough, we’ve got a leg lock set up from and Arm Triangle. Those of you who know how proficient Kiser is at using them and the hundreds of set ups he uses, know how useful this might be for him. Why do I post it here then when it will only make my life more miserable? Because I know he’ll never see it because he never reads my posts. I don’t even know if he’s literate to be honest. And I have to admit I get a kick out of hiding it here in plain sight.

Oh, and if that’s not enough to do it for you, did I mention Eddie’s partner is none other than Joanne of the MMA Girls… MEEEEEEEEEeeeee-OOOOOWWWW!!!

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  1. SterlingOkura
    SterlingOkura says:

    Great finds Khru Brian. Just curious, do you know about how many videos you went through before selecting these ones to post?Love Bravo’s setup for the calf crusher. That is the last thing I would be expecting while defending an arm triangle.

  2. BrianTakeoYamasaki
    BrianTakeoYamasaki says:

    @SterlingOkura I’m not sure really, exactly how many videos I’ve gone through. Whenever I find myself with free time and in front of the computer, I’ll flip through one or two. But how many I’ve seen since the original post on this subject “The Frontiers Of Submission” ( in September of 2009, is anyone’s guess.

    Since that time, these are the one’s that have sparked the most interest in me.

    You know what’s interesting to me about Bravo’s set up is how it stands in stark contarst to the general strategy put forth by Coach Billy Robinson in his Submission Ladder commentary which was the last video in the “Keeping Catch Wrestling Alive” article ( Instead of moving from say ankle to shin, to knee, to hip, up the spine to the neck, you see a jump from top rung to bottom rung of the ladder. But I suppose that is what makes the set up so sneaky. Misdirection… Fake high, go low.

  3. SterlingOkura
    SterlingOkura says:

    @BrianTakeoYamasaki Thanks for explaining the difference between working rung-to-rung vs the big misdirection. I think combining the two theories can keep opponents constantly guessing.

  4. naturalbornfighter1
    naturalbornfighter1 says:

    As always, great article and great clips. Who knew Anderson Silva was a pro wrestling Genius? Whoooooo!!

    haha. The Eddie Bravo clip was fantastic. The russian wrestling techniques were awesome. It shows the trends that happen and how martial arts evolve, old techniques become obscure but then they get resurrected and re-taught all over again. It’s funny that you put the old Russian clip and the Eddie Bravo one together, I feel Bravo brings a lot of old unused techniques to the forefront and brings them back into fashion, most famously the Twister/ wrestlers guillotine for example.

    These clips show me how much I have to learn from. It’s endless 😀


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