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As you saw with our “Cutting Room Floor Edition” things don’t always go as planned for us. We work hard trying to bring you as much MMA Instruction from as many high quality sources as we can, but this time around, old Murphy had to rear his stinking, ugly head and remind us of his pesky Law.

As a result, we need your help. DamageControlMMA.com would like to know how you would like us to present the “Monson Choke” video we filmed Jeff Monson himself. We can:

A. Deliver the Raw Footage
B. Insert some generic soundtrack, montage style
C. Put in subtitles
D. Have Kiser do a voice over

Let us know what you think in the comments below. After all it is YOU, our viewers and supporters that really matter and we want to make you as happy as we can with our efforts.

Comment now or forever hold your squeaks.

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  1. Law
    Law says:

    Can you implement options A, C, and D? Possibly add in some music where appropriate? Maybe pause the video to give a voice-over explanation set-up and add captions. Not sure what the logistics of implementing all the features would entail, but I’m sure what ever route you guys take, it’ll be fine.

  2. DreamWeav
    DreamWeav says:

    Law is on to something.
    Obviously for technique there are logistics and placement points we’ll need to know about that simply watching (because of viewing angles) will not always be able to see. In those cases freeze frame – maybe overlay footage of the same point in the choke to give multiple angles and add subtitles/voice overs to express the importance of the specifics. Music will always be appreciated and where it needs to run free let the footage go wild and raw. I def see a need to have the details that maximize effectiveness, as always you guys absolutely rock and have an amazing thing going up there. I can’t wait to make my way to you and train. Cheers. DreamWeav

  3. Zack
    Zack says:

    Definitely voice over. I want to hear the details, because I will be too busy watching what he is doing to be reading subtitles.


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