2011 New Years Resolutions

Well, it’s that time of year again. Time to renew our ambitions and our commitments to ourselves.

I enjoy the challenge of setting goals for myself and seeing if I have the fortitude to follow through.

I have succumbed to the gluttony that accompanies celebrating the holidays. And, as a result I am suffering from the maladies that so often result from such self indulgence, such as a complete lack of physical shape and an extra 10 pounds to go along with it. In fact, I am polishing off the last slice of Razzleberry Pie with my morning cup of coffee as we speak. Not because I want to mind you, but because I don’t believe it’s good to let anything go to waste.

And If you buy that one well, I have a very profitable website that I’d like to sell you for the bargain basement price of $3,000,000.

So, at the risk of being cliche, my first new years resolution is to loose that extra 10 pounds and pay interest on my lack of fitness by not only reclaiming the aerobic base of an average American male (yeah I know, aim low, why don’t I),

but actually getting physically fit enough to possibly drag my arthritic bones back onto the mat for one more hurrah at a competitive level.

Second I have been working diligently to produce a Southpaw series for DamageControlMMA.com along with accompanying article. I’ve drawn up the plans and storyboarded all the shots. I’ve even casted all the characters. In fact, that’s what’s been holding this resolution up. I’ve casted UFC and TUF veteran Brandon Melendez in the role of our token Southpaw. He’s a true to life left hander and I feel will make the series a lot more compelling than having Coach Kiser act like a southpaw.

Unfortunately, Melendez has been under the weather for the last few weeks and hasn’t been able to make it into the studio. Rest assured, I’m on this like a tick on a hound. Look for the Southpaw series sometime in early 2011!

Next is a project I’ve been dreaming up for some time now.

“Does Size Matter?” Is a smaller object, moving at a greater speed equivalent to a more massive object at a slower speed? In terms of combatives, does F actually equal M x A?

Jake Paul and Coach Kiser demonstrating the basic CACC Ready Stance.

Jake Paul and Coach Kiser demonstrating the basic CACC Ready Stance.

I want to employ some of our local college physics departments and see if they can come up with a way to measure foot pounds of force in a way that I and Coach Kiser can experience them.

For instance, the average difference between a 9mm Luger and a .45 acp is roughly 100 foot pounds of force.

What do 10 foot pounds of force feel like? I’d like to know so I can make an estimated guess at what that difference really means. I also want to have these brainiacs come up with a way to exert various iterations of this 10 foot pounds of force on Coach Kiser and I. For instance, I want to feel the difference (if there is one) between 10 foot pounds of force created with a mass of 10 grams moving at say 1 foot per second, a 5 gram mass at 2 feet per second, and a 1 gram mass at 10 feet per second with their mass distributed across the same surface area.

Now I know that my increments of measurement are all off, and that’s why I want to hire the smart kids for all the math, measurement and scientific stuff, but you get the picture right?

At any rate, if I can accomplish this goal, you can expect to see the results, video and article here as “The Anatomy of Force.”

In addition, I’d like to feature more BJJ this year in our coverage of the various Martial Arts. BJJ continues to have a huge impact on my game and my life, and I don’t feel we’ve given it justice with our level of exposure.

Pedro Sauer BJJ has been the backbone of my grappling style. We haven't covered it as much here at DCMMA but that's about to change.

Part of that has to do with it’s practitioners. They aren’t exactly ringing my phone off the hook with offers to shoot video, but I have spoken with Coach Wells and he’s already agreed to another shoot sometime in the future.

I think those are fair and noble resolutions for this up coming year. To accomplish all of them, will take some doing. It will be a challenge, but if it wasn’t I don’t think it would be worth writing about. Happy new year!

Please share your resolutions so we can help keep each other honest. Together we stand, divided we fall. All for one, and one for all!

Oh, and one last thing, I resolve to return this pie tin to it’s rightful place of origin, and not partake of the .50 cent discount on a new pie while I’m there… but a slice… well, that’s an entirely different matter.

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  1. Preston Bludworth
    Preston Bludworth says:

    I look forward to our next visit. I too want to start the new year off right. I plan on coming up around the 22nd. 🙂

  2. naturalbornfighter1
    naturalbornfighter1 says:

    I’m mega jealous of you Preston! Anyway, That’s some interesting resolutions Dr.Sick! I really look forward to seeing how they play out, especially the ‘does size matter’ and ‘Anatomy of force’. I’d love to see you compete again. With all your knowledge and skill you should be competing to make use of it. That would be amazing!

    My New Year Resolutions are as follows. Firstly I have set myself a Goal to have a professional MMA contest by August. Possibly more than one if i can squeeze it in. I am making a point of getting to the Griphouse MMA gym I train at far more frequently. I am hopefully going to join and use it monthly as opposed to pay as you go. Spend more time training with likeminded people and high level training partners rather than training with buddies at amoderate pace. It’s time for me to put all my experience and years of training to some good use.

    This will mean I need to shed those extra Christmas pounds too by eating better but also return to my peak fitness which will be difficult but I am totally committed and bar injury I’m going to achieve it.

    I also have a website that’s about to be launched. I had a few setbacks while attempting to launch it before but they’ve all been pretty much Ironed out now and I’m hopeful that it’ll be up and running soon. My other resolution is to get the website up, running and spreading the good word of MMA to the world via my site.

    Everything is to be accomplished before August.

    I hope we all manage to get our resolutions worked out. As it’s all on record then we gotta at least give it a shot. Good luck everybody!!!!

  3. wylothar
    wylothar says:

    Mine goals for 2011 are:

    Non martial art related.
    –hit my goal weight: done!! Yesterday, but I started last year on this.
    –move to warmer climate, I am not fan of cold: In process, leaving the 5th of Feb
    –sell my house that has had me shackled the last 1.5 years and not absolutely take it in the shorts: Finish this Feb 4th and coming out ahead with a little at least.
    –Most importantly, find another hobby and spend more time with my son.

    Martial Art related.
    –I want to compete in some sort of combative sports event, submission grappling, Muay Thai, or MMA. I yet to get clearance from the spousal athletic commission(my wife).
    –continue to work on my conditioning and try to get it optimal.
    –Crossfit and ‘the zone’ eating protocol (diet usally related to short term eating), here I come
    –Start taking a Judo class when I get to Texas.
    –Work on progressing in CSW and TBA of USA Muay Thai and try to help and grow those organizations through positive exposure.
    –Put more effort into my Pekiti Tirsia Tri-V method of Kali.
    –Get in as many seminars as I can.
    –Network with great people
    –Goto a live UFC event!

    That is alot, I don’t expect to get all gold stars but that is my list to chip away at.

  4. Dr Sick
    Dr Sick says:

    Great resolutions guys. I like how everyone had a time line. That’s huge for actually executing on a resolution. I neglected this aspect. I’ll put a 2 month goal on my weight loss, so that puts me at March 15 to loose that 10 lbs. I’ll say that I want to have my fitness level up by April 15. I’d like it to coincide with some sort of grappling tournament. But I just checked Naga and Grappler’s Quest and didn’t see any events on the West Coast anytime soon.

    I was hoping for one in Vegas but maybe I’ll have to set my sites on something local.

  5. anointed fighter
    anointed fighter says:

    my goals are similar to those above: higher quality family time (with baby #2 on the way), lose a few pounds (namely 10#), eat better by resisting the fresh-baked cookies at the work cafeteria, and use my gym time more wisely. i’d like to get quality training sessions in that are not only good for me, but for the other members of the gym. but last night, i dreamed of the biggest resolution i’ve ever had: organize and execute a seminar encompassing the various aspects of the gym i belong to. i’d give my gratitude and respects to DamageControlMMA.com by following a similar format, all within the constraints of time of course. introduce theories, breakdown the technique basics, and have the other instructors of their various specialty do likewise. granted, you can’t cover every aspect over the course of a Friday night and Saturday, but as this site has proven time and again KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

    best wishes to you all this year!

    @WYLOTHAR: that deal about the “spousal athletic commission(my wife)” had me spit water out my nose. great stuff there! 🙂

  6. Preston Bludworth
    Preston Bludworth says:

    Dr. Sick:

    There is a grappling tourney in Boise April 24th this year I do believe. I will be attending, and would love if you could make it.


  7. bio-chem
    bio-chem says:

    I look forward to seeing what results you come up with on the “does size matter” experiment. it should be noted that the roughly 100 f.p.e. advantage that the .45 has over the 9mm is also roughly 33%. If I was stepping into the ring with a guy who could punch 33% harder than I could, i’ve got to admit it would intimidate me a little bit.

  8. jon ahn
    jon ahn says:

    I have several new years resolutions: First, to be patient with a neck injury I got in September and allow it to heal properly. Second, in the meantime I want to be a sponge by enriching my mind. Third, I want to get back into martial arts full time, training as often as I can. Fourth, I want to cut out some things in my life that’s been holding me back; attitude, bad habits and friends so that I may accomplish my goals and be more productive! I love all your articles and videos, thank you all for sharing your knowledge with the world.


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