Arm Triangle Sweep & Kimura Counter

We recently hit some milestones on YouTube and would like to thank our viewers for making it possible.

One Million YouTube Views

The various MMA training videos on our YouTube channel have received over 1,000,000 views.  We also have posted over 100 video episodes.

To celebrate our 100th episode on YouTube, we posted a technique video translated to Japanese with English subtitles.

Coach Kiser shows how to flip a defensive position into a finish by sweeping and submitting your opponent with an Arm Triangle (the choke UFC Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar recently used to defeat Shane Carwin).

The next video is a Kimura counter to the Arm Triangle.

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7 replies
  1. Jim Esquibel
    Jim Esquibel says:

    Great move and info. Hard to wch while reading subtitles, english works for me (lol). Looking frwd to more great vidios and new moves. Be back to class soon. Been studying for test at possible new job.

  2. Shayne Mackey
    Shayne Mackey says:

    Excellent work. I’ve been hunting technique videos for a while and I find yours to be the best. You share details and put the moves in context well. Excellent teaching skills.

  3. Kelly Sheffield
    Kelly Sheffield says:

    congrats! my cousin is famous. maybe i can guest star. im good at having my guard passed and i excell at the failed triangle to failed armbar flow. let me know if you need a vid on either of those.

  4. Damage Control MMA
    Damage Control MMA says:

    Yes we do… yes we do. I’m in over my head, trying to get the new gym into an operational status, but as soon as we get things back under control, I’m going to try and roll up your direction with Kiser. Get those failed lock flows dialed in.


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