Muay Thai Technique: Cut Kick Counter To The Teep

This is a great technique that I picked up at the 2009 Pacific Northwest Muay Thai Camp. There is so much information there and the instructors are simply the best. I got a bunch of incredible techniques even outside of the wealth of information given to us druing the regular sessions… and this was one of them.

I’ve been working on this dump for some time now, but I’ve never seen the the Partner Preservation aspect I picked up which was really cool! A special thanks to Khuen Khru Ian Alexander out of Virginia Beach Virginia for sharing this with us. If you’re ever in that neck of the woods, you’d be doing yourself a favor to checking out their world class facility.

Now, happy dumping!

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  1. KJGould
    KJGould says:

    The partner preservation aspect is key imo. Lets you practice and drill the technique fully without killing your opponent. This is especially beneficial come fight time imo as you won’t hesitate if this counter presents itself, because you won’t be hesitating in practice.

  2. BenW
    BenW says:

    thank you for the video, great option.
    I have a question on the move though.
    after catching the teep i seem to be tripping my partner as opposed to getting the full on sweep that looks so nice on the video. I get them down, but not in the way you guys get your partner flying through the air.
    and thank you so much

  3. Dr Sick
    Dr Sick says:


    Thank you for supporting Damage Control MMA! Stay tuned for our membership area where we will be releasing some of our best and most thorough technique, chain submissions, escapses and even a webinar or two!

    Now onto your question. Without seeing you doing the technique (and feel free to post a video and let us take a look), I would venture a guess that you aren’t getting close enough to your partner. This could be a footwork issue or simply a size differential (you being significantly shorter than your partner… which is the case with me most of the time). Try getting hip to hip as you throw your cut kick and see if that doesn’t help you out.

    Thanks again for your support… Spread the word about Damage Control and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  4. P. Hocker
    P. Hocker says:

    Linxx is not the only Gracie Jiu Jitsu school in Virginia Beach. Gustavo Machado is in Virginia Beach. He trained under Jean Jaques Machado, Carlos Gracie Jr., and earned his black belt from Roberto Correa (a Gracie Barra Head Intructor). He has a Tremendous Academy. not trying to start anything… just keeping the fact straight.

  5. myhealth
    myhealth says:

    Great video and technique as well. I use to have this muay thai before but I give up because it is really hard, especially in kicking. Thanks for the following techniques present in the video I truly learn it.

  6. prafulla1234
    prafulla1234 says:

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  7. evelynonline80
    evelynonline80 says:

    Good stuff, and good trick to preserve your partner. There’a always the danger when come fight time you won’t go fully through with a strike because you end up not completing the movement while drilling. This allows you to do that.


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