Rolling Elbow Compression Lock

Here is a gem from Khuen Khru – Coach Alvin Chan of Maryland CSW. I really like this lock and have been playing around trying to hit it from other situations such as off a 1/4 nelson (a.k.a. “Kaputa Kapaula”) vs an opponent who has an underhook and is trying to come up from bottom half guard… if that makes any sense at all.

Either way it’s a nice little trick to have up your sleeves… ahem, rash guards.

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  1. tat2edup
    tat2edup says:

    Very nice, I end up here all the time and I usually opt for the straight armbar into the bicep slicer bu this is definately a sneaky little trick that I will be adding.

  2. Kevin Dillard
    Kevin Dillard says:

    MONEY.. ALL DAY LONG! Definitely one of my all time favorite things to catch. I’ll usually be able to snag this one at least once, if not more, every session.

  3. wylothar
    wylothar says:

    I really like the initial position this video starts as a whole. several option exist. I have tapped several from the crooked head scissor also when they feel me working for the arm. This is a very versatile position. I am excited to try this new variation see how it works for me.


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