Learn to Fight MMA: Off The Cage

When was the last time you worked cage tactics?  When was the last time you incorporated the cage wall into your takedown to nullify your opponent’s ability to sprawl and protect his hips?  When was the last time you defended having your head crushed in the cheese grater of chained links?

Ignoring the importance of this aspect of MMA competition can be detrimental to your MMA game.  If this is the first time you’ve given these situations any consideration, or if you drill these positions as frequently as you clean your bathrooms, than this article might have some use for you.

Below are two more basic options for when  your opponent takes you down and attempts to drive you into the fence, a tactic that can severely cramp your ability to use your guard to it’s full extent.  These clips are Damage Control MMA exclusives for our friends here at www.DamageControlMMA.com

Basic Turn Off The Cage

Cage Walk Arm Bar

Here is an older clip we released with UFC Veteran Todd Medina. It contains more information pertaining to the use of the cage in an MMA fight.

And one more little bonus for you loyal followers of Damage Control MMA. A scrap from an old shoot we did that never made it to production because of a problem we had with the mic. The audio is unsalvageable but maybe you might find something of use in this one. A different way to look at knees while your opponent is against the cage.

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  1. naturalbornfighter1
    naturalbornfighter1 says:

    Much thanks to Brandon and Brian for this one. I feel the cage tactics is definitley the most neglected part of MMA training yet It is one of the most important aspects any serious Mixed Martial Artist should be learning. it’s the part of our sport that makes it unique. So many times in MMA you see someone pushed up against the cage then the fight plays out in that position until the end of the fight with the person on top dominating completely.

    Proffessional fighters should be ddrilling these things constantly. It’s these little techniques that can be the difference between winning and losing.

    Great Job guys!! Thanks again!


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