Timeless Techniques

Some techniques are timeless. Last week we took a look at the frontiers of Submission. The very bleeding edge of what can be done. This week we take a look at an old classic; the first counter to a kick catch that I ever learned. It’s like leather, seeing someone take one to the nads, The olde One-Two Combination or the Triangle Choke. These things never get old and I don’t think they ever will.

A special thanks to Khuen Khru Will for sharing these and for being our wonderful instructor for all these years.

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  1. zaxonortesus
    zaxonortesus says:

    Man, you must be a mind reader. This not only came up on a striking thread on another forum the other day, I posted in here asking about caught legs AND we went over a few escapes last night in Thai class. Another great vid full of useful technique.


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