Speak Softly And Carry A Big Kick

I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I’m going to keep on saying it until the day I die. My favorite part of training in the Martial Arts is meeting the wonderful, high class people. Some of whom have become good friends of mine. Khuen Khru/Coach Alvin Chan out of Baltimore Maryland is one of them.

I first met Khru Alvin a number of years ago at the Pacific Northwest Muay Thai Camp. Later I would also see him at the CSW Fighter/Instructor Camp in CA each year. Alvin is a quiet and humble instructor but he really made an impression on me.

At the Thai Camp, we’d always start the mornings off with a 2 or 3 mile run at 6:30 am. Sometimes, by the third day, your legs would be so stiff it would take a good half hour just to stand up straight. Running or even moving for that matter seemed like a stretch of the imagination. At times like that, it was easy to slip into a fog, to just go through the motions and get the run and other exercises out of the way.

Khru Alvin, always made it out in front of me during the runs. He’d turn the corner and make the return trip to camp, but every time, without fail, he would look up from his concentrated gaze to give me a smile and slap fives as we passed during our shared journey of pain.

This always seemed to snap me out of my fatigue induced stupor and remind me that I chose to be wherever I was. I was among friends and we were bound together by a unique experience and the shedding of blood, sweat and tears. And then the world would open up. I would breath deeper, I would begin to smell the fresh mountain air, the semi-sweet tones of pine needles and ferns lacing it with their fragrance. I would remember what a wonderful opportunity I had to train with such incredible people in such an amazing an beautiful place.

Khuen Khru Alvin and I shooting for Damage Conrol MMA

Khuen Khru Alvin and I shooting for Damage Conrol MMA

Later, he would do the same for me on the runs on the sunny streets of California. More running, more fatigue, the same Khru Alvin, ahead of me on the runs, slapping fives, sharing a laugh, a tip, a technique. He would be there for me when I needed him most, right after being chewn up an spat out by the 185 lb. professional fighters, a familiar face in the room, a training partner and friend, a roll of refuge where I could let my guard down and just enjoy the roll.

He is such a great instructor and an inspiration to me. Quietly but tenaciously pursuing the secrets of the Martial Arts, wherever they may hide. I have found them in him. And here are a precious few. The Shin Across Defense to the Prumb, as well as the Elbow and Power Knee set ups from that position. Not a “Kick” per se but “Big” and well… you get the picture.

Thank you for everything Khuen Khru Alvin!

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  1. zaxonortesus
    zaxonortesus says:

    Holy crap, there is a CSW gym in MD?!?!? How did I not know that?!?!?! It is a bit too far of a drive to train at regularly, but I went to the site and they are having a Muay Thai seminar this weekend! I am all over that. Great vid, and moreso, thanks for the hookup on another local(ish) place to train.

  2. Dr Sick
    Dr Sick says:

    Not just any Muay Thai seminar. One of Ajarn Chai’s! The Godfather of Muay Thai in the USA. He is the man who gave me my teaching certifications. He is the teacher of all my teachers. Everything that you have seen me show has in one way or another come down from Ajarn Chai.

    If you have a chance to go to this seminar, I would. Also, at the CSW gym, is Khuen Khru Scott Anderson, another wonderful person I’ve met through the TBA and Muay Thai. He is another mentor in my mind. A true example to live up to. There are some incredible people instructing at that gym.

    You can get more information about all of it at:


  3. Robb
    Robb says:

    Dr. Sick…Thunder here from lockflow…Robb anywhere else. Great article. I really missed the last 3 years of Thai camp and CSW camp due to having kids. I remember my first Thai camp..the pain, the swelling, the sleeping on a pine cone in my mid back all night, the thought of never ever doing this ever again….then about day 3, I remember the comradery, the friends I made, the placque I got for having “best respect” & “best form”. Dummying for Professor Trigg doing a boxing clinic and free sparring with Jeff Jones doing Savate and then being corrected by Ajarn to only do Muay Thai…fun stuff. What I thought was amazing and is a constact inspiration to me is the fact that we did on average 120 rounds per day and Guro Dan training right along side with everyone at his age. Then being his humble self waited in line for food when he could have went right to the front. These are experiences I’ll never forget and I look forward to many more years of Thai Camp.

  4. naturalbornfighter1
    naturalbornfighter1 says:

    Another great video! I love the shin across the the legs. From that position (around 1.15) I can also easily transition into my favourite grappling technique, the rolling kimura from standing. throw the left arm over the back of his left arm, catch your own wrist, lean down to the right and roll to the ground over your right shoulder. Keeping the same leg position, extend your leg as your back hits the mat, helping to throw him over onto his back then hopefully the momentum should carry you over into a kimura position.

    I love the cheeky elbow over the wrist grab!

  5. zaxonortesus
    zaxonortesus says:

    Yep, I got a nice $300 bonus from work this month, that may go right over to me going to that seminar. Sir, thank you so much for that.

  6. Dr Sick
    Dr Sick says:

    Good for you. That’s how it always starts. Someone willing to go out and do what others are not. If you get out there tell Khuen Khru Scott, Khuen Khru Alvin and of course Ajarn Chai I said hello. I think you might even see Khuen Khru Jeff Jones out there. He is also an absolutely amazing instructor and person. He has a clip we recorded at the 2009 Oregon Thai Camp that we will be releasing sometime down the road. But anyway, he was there and really took care of me and my instructor at my very first Thai Camp. Incredible, incredible people who I am completely honored to say I have met and trained under.

  7. zaxonortesus
    zaxonortesus says:

    Talked to Wifey, we already have plans on Saturday, so I will be attending on Sunday. CAN”T WAIT! And I will say hello to everyone for you for sure.

  8. schufflerbot
    schufflerbot says:

    great vids, as always. absolutely LOVE the knee and elbow sneakiness. i can tell you that 90% of my training partners will have no idea what im doing when i put my knee up and across like that.

    thanks, Doc!!


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