Arm In Guillotine From Sit Up Sweep

This is an awesome technique taught by our friend, a Pedro Sauer BJJ Black Belt and MMA fighter, Paul Sizemore.

The Arm In Guillotine can be more effective than the regular Guillotine, especially against seasoned opponent’s because the escape and counter measures are different since the arm that would usually go over the back is now trapped.


3 responses to “Arm In Guillotine From Sit Up Sweep”

  1. Sterling says:

    Ah, that butt scoot back to make room is what I was missing. I never could find enough room to thread arm through. Need to practice that.

    So how do you counter arm-in guillotines with no cross-face or arm over back?

  2. Dr Sick says:


    That’s a tough one. From my experience, countering the Arm In Guillotine (when it’s applied correctly) is pretty hard to do. I ask many sources and searched around for many months before I finally found a solution that I was satisfied with. I ended up investing a pretty penny to learn that one and I’m debating whether or not I want to share it just yet.

  3. Nice video man, I was missing the butt scoot too. Its amazing how such a small movement creates so much space and so many more options. Thanks again!

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