Erik Paulson’s Short Shots

I’m the nerd’s nerd when it comes to MMA and Martial Arts Techniques in general. They are like comic books or fine wines to me. There are mass produced beauties that everyone has access to and can enjoy and then there’s those very rare and hard to find gems. Sometimes they are even more effective and brutal than the average technique (like the shin locks which are completely game changing, they have the ability to take butterfly and open guard away from your oppoent… WOW).

It might be argued that their rarity contributes to their effectiveness. But either way, I collect them. And this, in my opinion, is one of those rare, though perhaps more esoteric ones, Erik Paulson’s “Short Shots”. It’s a personal favorite of mine. It’s so out of the ordinary as far as MMA techniques go. And the way I first learned about them (through Erik Paulson’s gym tour vid) makes them even more endearing to me.

That being said, I heard Ajarn Greg Nelson comment how useful it is to have one more option here, one more little tweak there that can allow you to capitalize from an otherwise neutral position (I think it was on his MMA Workshop DVDs). And the “Short Shots” have done exactly that from the MMA Clinch. When other people are just locking up and establishing neck ties and underhooks, I am jarring their systems with “Short Shots” en route to my neck tie/Prumb etc.

Check it out, Erik Paulson’s “Short Shots”!

Also from CSW Instructors Greg Nelson and Erik Paulson:

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  1. KevinDillard
    KevinDillard says:

    Hey Dr.Sick! Thanks for posting this and sharing Paulson’s instruction and insight into the short game with us!
    LOVE this kind of stuff! I’m a grinder from way back.. digging elbows into to folks to help break guard, pushing/grinding my forehead into eye socket ridges, pushing on floating ribs. a little thumb into the femoral artery. The forearm shots really can come in handy.

  2. Dr Sick
    Dr Sick says:

    I’ve been having some success with these from within the guard. I use the “Can Opener” as a base of operations, then I pull the head to a side with one hand (say the left hand) and deliver a hacking forearm strike like the one at 3:02 in the video above. Sometimes I can get 2 or 3 off before my opponent can recover. I’ve been having a lot of fun with it.


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