Erik Paulson’s Michael Jackson Kick

I can’t remember exactly where or when Sensei Paulson shared this little beauty with us. I was at least 3 or 4 years ago. Either way, it’s been one of my favorites ever since. It is especially useful against MMA Cavemen who don’t study much in the way of striking.

You know the type. The guys who spend hours in front of a heavy bag, slugging away as hard as they can, and proclaim that their boxing or kickboxing skills are pretty solid. They’ve never seen anything like a “Michael Jackson Kick”. And they’d be damned if they ever spent any time working on a traditional Karate kick like the Front Snap Kick.

This is the answer my friends. The patented Erik Paulson STX (Savate Thai Boxing Cross Training) Kickboxing “Michael Jackson Kick”.


Michael Jackson executes the kick at 2:38. I taught him that move.

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  1. Kiser
    Kiser says:

    The Michael Jackson kick is awesome. I use it all the time but usually with the teep variation because the snap kick would be pretty rude in sparring but man it would be fun to pull off in a fight.

  2. Mark D
    Mark D says:

    i do something like this,
    but in reverse.

    Instead i make it seem like im going to do a snap kick but then i swing my leg around into a roundhouse to the head.

    It has worked a couple of times when i sparr

  3. Nick
    Nick says:

    Wow. I was drilling this EXACT same set up in a private with our coach today. Varying the strike thrown off of that roundhouse sell. We were doing the teep, the superman and double rounds (light to get the shield up, then quickly ratcheting in the power shot before they can resheild). How come you have to give away my gameplan?! I KEED! Thanks for the vid, and I am going to try and add the teep from the WAY off angle as well.


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