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Guard Pass Quick Kills

Blog, Erik Paulson, Guest Instructors, Submissions, Video // December 31, 2013


In the past, we’ve seen a number of “Quick Kills” from Sensei Erik Paulson. But these were in the context of a takedown sequence. Now he applies the same concept to passing the guard and he shares his expertise with us at the 2013 Combat Submission Wrestling Camp.

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Escape Bottom Across the Side by Using Your Head

Featured, Grappling Escapes, Submissions // December 10, 2013


Gustavo Rodrigues is back, and this time he is showing a very ingenious way to escape from bottom Side Cross when your arm is trapped between your opponent’s arms and endangered. There is a lot to learn here if know what to look at. Notice the precision and attention to details when Gustavo explains the […]

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